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History and lessons
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Health System Strengthening and Conflct Transformation in fragile States
Performance Based Financing (Why? What results? What evidence base?)
Case Study on Health systems transformations and conflict Transformation in Fragile States, for Medicus Mundi Intenational
          11th of Octobre 2012
Performance incentives for global health (Potential and Pitfalls)
Using performance incentives
A Learning Agenda
Performance-Based contracting for health services in developing countries - a toolkit
Afghanistan: Paying NGOs for Performance in Postconflict Setting
Haiti: Going to Scale with Performance Incentive Model
Performance-based financing in Rwanda, a comparative study
Output-based payment to boost staff productivity in public health centres: contracting in Kabutare district, Rwanda
Performance-based financing and changing the district health system: experience from Rwanda
Rwanda: Performance-based financing in health (DRC, 2002 - 2012)
Memisa's flexible approche to changing contexte in Ituri
Performance-based financing - Rwanda piloted project in ex-Cyangugu
Is there a link between health system research and conflict resolution... The REBUILD experience
HDP: One of 8 partners in the 7 countries PBF Network
Presentation coordination (Institutional Setup)
Presentation Monique Lagro, Sector Manager Health & Well-being Cordaid Netherlands, Kigali kick-off PBF EU programme, 23-02-10
Projet 7 pays le Comite de pilotage (the Steering Committee)
Mental Health and Psychosocial interventions are essential inconfliict transformation
Rwanda: Performance Based Financing in Health
A Case Study of Strategic Partnering in Australia
Health systems evidence and guidance in fragile states
Performance Based Financing
Are Funding Decisions Based on Performance?
Innovations in Rwanda’s health system: looking to the future
Performance Based Financing; on International review of the literature KIT
The use of private-Sector Contract for primary healthcare: theory, evidence and lessons for low-income countries
Report on the PBF Exchange Visit of Cordaid parteners to Rwanda, déc.2008
Studying the link between institutions and heath system performance: a framework and illustration with the analysis of two PBF schemes in Burundi
Strengthning Top-down and Bottom-up Accuontability: The view from Aceh