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Projet PBF 7 pays - Présentation du Burundi (CORDAID ET COPED)
Making Payment for Performance Work
Latin America: Cash Transfers to Support Better Household Decisions
United States: Orienting Pay-for-Performance to Patients
Evaluation Cordaid support to P4P projects Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia, Congo
STI Symposium (1)
STI Symposium (2)
STI Symposium (3)
Européenne à Muanda et Kitona
HDP: One of 8 partners in the 7 countries PBF Network
KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) in collaboration with Cordaid an WHO PBF A Synthesis Report
Le projet “Multicountry call” dans le diocèse de Batouri au Cameroun
Innovations in Rwanda’s health system: looking to the future
Report on the PBF Exchange Visit of Cordaid parteners to Rwanda, déc.2008