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24-27 June 2010

The visit of The International Coordinator of Multi Country PBF Network, Frank Van De Looij at Kigali.

14-26 June 2010

Training on PBF (Performance Based Financing) at Kigali.

22-24 February 2010
Kickoff Multi country PBF Network at Kigali.
Training on PBF (Performance Based Financing)
1. Context and Justification

The Contractual Approach was introduced in DRC, Rwanda and Burundi respectively in 2000, 2002 and 2005 with different documents of contract-based solutions. Recently, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Zambia and Tanzania also undertook PBF initiatives.
In international literature, a more specific form of the Contractual Approach is developed: performance purchasing, performance-based financing (PBF), Pay for Performance (P4P) or Initiative for Performance IP).
This specific form of the Contractual Approach rather focuses on the rational aspect between the purchaser (for instance, a Purchasing Agency, a health insurance company) and a service provision institution (a health centre or public, faith-based or private hospital) or also schools or local administrative structures).

An important characteristic of performance purchasing is the separation of regulatory functions from funds channelling. 
Following positive responses to pilot experiments conducted by Cordaid in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC, this Approach tends to become widely applicable in different countries thanks to the support from governments and several development partners.

2. Modalities for registration and the process of the selection of participants in PBF training

Training targets regulation officers, donors' representatives, health service providers, purchasing agency Directors or any other interested people. The following criteria will apply at the time of the selection:

a) Motivation
b) Relevance of the course to the participant's future work
c) Political influence  - which degree of influence will the participant have to influence the national policy in favour of PBF?

Registered participants should be available from Sunday evening, 13 June until the departure on Saturday, 26 June at 14:00 from Kigali/Rwanda.
The cost is USD 1,820 for 14 days, that is USD 130/participant/day.
This cost includes accommodation, meals, teaching materials and field transport. This cost does not include transportation of participants.
Based on the above criteria, the candidate will be requested to fill in a registration form attached to this e-mail as well as a short motivation letter of 100 words, and to send his/or her CV.

The candidate should personally send his/her application before 31 May to:

Telephone: 00 250 55100157:  HDP Office
Copied to:

Purpose, specific objectives and PBF-related course modules

Purpose of the Course

Contribute to the improvement of the health status of the population through the provision of accessible and equitable quality services by respecting consumers' free choice of public and private service providers and by rationally and efficiently using resources restricted to a reasonable cost for the State and households.

Specific objectives

Reach a critical mass to facilitate the support for and implementation of the performance-based financing approach in the area of health by gradually replacing the current input-based financing approach.

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